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Driving Sponsorships back to NASCAR Teams

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Ross Chastain qualifying for a NASCAR race without sponsorship
One of many NASCAR teams willing to run despite not having a sponsor.

It is planning season once again, when companies of all shapes and sizes make plans for 2020. So what’s it going to take for NASCAR race teams to attract new sponsors in 2020?

Sports Marketing has been evolving over the past decade and all sports’ leagues, series, and venues have been trying to make adjustments to accommodate this evolution. NASCAR race teams of all shapes and sizes are seeking new sponsors to replace the older sponsors. Many of these older established sponsors are still involved in NASCAR, but as the older contracts expire most are renewing for fewer races, or at reduced price levels, as mentioned in a previous article.

The days of a single Primary Sponsor for a 36 race season is over. Multiple primary sponsors are needed to fund the 10 month long NASCAR race season. There are so many opportunities for single and multi-race sponsorship packages in the NASCAR Gander Truck Series, NASCAR Xfinity Series, and Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series that the prices are dropping to levels so low it is hard to believe. HardHead Marketing has placed some new sponsors with some of these teams at prices that would have been rejected 12 years ago, before the “Great Recession” hit at the end of 2017.

Of the 36 charter race teams in the elite Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, very few are funded at the sponsorship level they have been accustomed. Few have a primary sponsor for all 36 races. While many of the smaller, underfunded teams outside the top 25 have learned to run on smaller sponsorships, some of the “elite” multi-car race team organizations are beginning to feel the impact.

Despite the reduction in sponsorship cost, sponsorship openings are not being filled at the pace needed. There are traditional measuring tools like building brand awareness, B2B relationships, group entertainment, employee morale, sales promotional support (retail or wholesale), and many others. But these are just a few.

Winning is great, but should not be the main justification for sponsoring a race team. So what are companies seeking to justify sponsorship of a NASCAR race team in today’s world? This question needs to be addressed before one selects any team to sponsor. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. HardHead Marketing can help in this process.

Here's an Example: Company has a total budget of $500,000 for sponsorship of a NASCAR Cup Race team in 2020.

Team A- You get 1 race as Primary Sponsor with a good chance to win, but no budget left to support your sponsorship. If you win you might be able to build off of this for some time. People do remember a winner!

Team B- 2 races @ $200,000 each plus $100,000 to support sponsorship program. Team should be competitive, but unlikely to win a race. But you can reach 2 markets using 2 different races with some support funding.

Team C- 4 Races @ $100,000 each plus $100,000 to support sponsorship program. You can spread your funds over 4 markets and extend your season involvement, though a lower profile team.

Team D- 6 Races @ $50,000 each, plus $200,000 to support sponsorship program. Probably not going to be competitive in the races, but you are able to market oneself as part of the NASCAR community over an extended time period. You can utilize the support funding to make it a successful program.

So how do we drive new sponsors to NASCAR race teams? Communication! Whether we work for ourselves or a company, we all have contacts. Spread the message that great opportunities exist going into 2020 to become part of the NASCAR community. Become a NASCAR team sponsor! It cost nothing to contact us, or a race team, to ask about sponsorship opportunities

(HardHead Marketing does not claim to represent, nor be affiliated with NASCAR, the speedways, or any of its affiliated companies in any way. We are an independent marketing company working with independent race teams and sponsors that participate in the NASCAR Series). 

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