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Charity & Awareness Racing Campaigns

NASCAR sponsorship
Clint Bowyer's One Cure charity sponsor - Las Vegas 2018

Should charitable organizations consider sponsoring a NASCAR race team?

Awareness is one of the biggest challenges that non-profit organizations confront on a daily basis. It affects the momentum, involvement levels, and ultimately the donations that an organization receives to support its cause. Given these issues, non-profits should consider utilizing a Race Team sponsorship to help raise awareness about their organizations or a specific cause.

A sponsorship allows your organization to reach the 75 million nationwide NASCAR race fans who can help fund your efforts. HardHead Marketing has confirmed that at least one established Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race team is willing to commit to work in this arena with a creative annual budget of $500,000 that would fund a comprehensive program, which includes a combination of Primary and Associate sponsorships for the 2019 race season in an effort to support an Awareness Racing Campaign. For organizations that may not want to commit to a full sponsorship, the Awareness Racing Campaign is a step in the right direction. The respective non-profit or charitable organization would use its platform and network to promote and solicit contributions to this “Awareness Racing Campaign” from its members, donors, and supporters, and would accept donations earmarked for this campaign. All funds collected will be used for the funding of the Awareness Racing Campaign. Should the $500,000 goal be exceeded, all excess funds would be held in escrow to be used for the continuation of the program going forward. The Awareness Racing Campaign will only continue if funding is sufficient to do so.

NASCAR charity sponsorship

Your charitable organization will benefit not from the specific funds raised, but rather from the awareness brought to the cause, the educational expansion to the community, and hopefully growth in additional contributions in support of the organization’s other efforts.

What does a Monster Energy NASCAR race team sponsorship include?

  • Primary Sponsor for 9 races around the country with a Charter team that is guaranteed to qualify for each race.

  • Sponsor’s custom graphics incorporating all DONORS’ names on the race car.

  • Primary Sponsor’s logo or message on the Hood, Roof Panel, 2-Upper Rear Quarter Panels of race car.

  • Sponsor’s logo or message on Team Hauler running up and down the highway across AMERICA!

  • Sponsor’s Logo on driver and crew uniforms for the races.

  • Sponsor’s Logo on pit box, pit wall signage, other support equipment.

  • Driver personal appearances.

  • Multiple garage passes available for promotional use throughout the 2019 race season.

  • Trackside PR support, press releases and social media promotional campaign.

  • Marketing rights and benefits to use image of driver, car and race team.

  • Associate Sponsorship of the race team at other select NASCAR events to create continuity throughout the year.

Total Investment: $500,000

SAMPLE of categories to generate donations:

100 donors @ $1,000 = $100,000

200 donors @ $500 = $100,000

500 donors @ $100 = $50,000

5,000 donors @ $50 = $250,000

TOTAL: $500,000

And this is just an example. The relationship with the team can be dynamic as we recognize this concept would have to be fine-tuned in various ways to meet the needs and objectives of the specific cause. Many charities continue to effectively use the NASCAR platform to raise money and drive awareness.

Join the team and use the Monster Energy NASCAR series to generate momentum for your NPO and drive awareness for your cause.

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