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Budget Planning for 2019? Want to be a NASCAR team primary sponsor at a discount?

Well, its that time of year when many companies have begun budgeting for 2019. Some items are being eliminated while new ideas are being considered. NASCAR is seeing some cornerstone brands leaving the sport. Large iconic brands like

Lowes, 5-Hour Energy, Target and others have announced their respective departure from some “high profile” NASCAR team sponsorships after this season, while new companies are making inquiries as corporate plans are being developed for 2019 and beyond. The reason for the above sponsors’ departure may vary, but cost is one factor for sure. But the new sponsorships in 2019 may not look like the old ones.

Cost of team sponsorships have escalated over the years leading up to the mid-2000 recession. The impact of a decade long recession has changed the way Corporate America allocates marketing funds, as discussed in one of our previous blog posts. That being said, while many top “high profile” teams continue to work with primary sponsorship programs in excess of $15 million annually, there is no guarantee the team will win a race, or even be competitive each week. In fact, after 23 of 36 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series races this season, only 8 teams have visited the Winners Circle. Of those 8 teams, 3 have won 17 of the 23 races and commonly referred to as the “Big 3” by sports media. In fact, based upon NASCAR Owners Point Standings after 23 races, multiple of these high profile, high budget, race teams are only performing at a top 25 team level. So it is only natural for sponsors to question their ROI especially since sponsorship cost are normally supported by additional marketing activation costs, which have escalated as well.

While not all teams are equal, there is great value in investing in an established race team that has learned how to compete with less funding out of necessity while it still seeks the sponsor /partnership that can provide financial resources to give them the opportunity to step up to the next level. HardHead Marketing has identified a few teams outside the top 25 in points, just behind these more expensive teams, working with a fraction of the budget and, one could argue, offer greater VALUE for new sponsors joining the NASCAR community! While all sponsorships should be customized to fit specific needs and objectives of respective sponsor, the following puts this into perspective.

Primary Sponsorship of a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race team with a Charter in 2019. (NASCAR Charter teams are all guaranteed to qualify for all 36 races in 2019).

Primary race team sponsorship includes:

  • Sponsor selects some, or all, available 36 races around the country to be Primary Sponsor.

  • Sponsor’s logo on the Hood, Roof Panel, Rear Quarter Panels, Rear TV Panel.

  • Logo on Team Hauler throughout the season

  • Logo on Driver and Crew Uniforms for the races.

  • Logo on Pit Box, Pit Wall signage, other support equipment.

  • Driver Appearances opportunities.

  • Multiple Team Garage Passes for each sponsored race weekend.

  • Sponsor Seats on Pit Box during the race.

  • Sponsor access to Driver/Crew Chief Meeting and Driver Introductions.

  • Trackside PR support, Press Releases, Social Media promotional campaign.

  • Marketing Rights to use driver and team association.

  • Associate Sponsor logo on car at any of the 36 races you are not the primary sponsor to create continuity throughout the year.

  • Option to add Group Hospitality; Display Spaces at select NASCAR events; Show Car Appearances; and much more.

HardHead Marketing has discovered Primary sponsorship opportunities leading in to 2019 at great discounts!

2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series- covers 36 Races over a 10 month race season (February – November)

  • 10 Race Primary Sponsor & 26 Associate Sponsor: $499,000 to $2,000,000 (depending on team selection)

  • 18 Race Primary Sponsor & 18 Associate Sponsor: $899,000 to $3,600,000 (depending on team selection)

  • Full 36 race season as the sole PRIMARY Sponsor: $1,799,000 to $7,200,000 (depending on team selection)

At these investment levels a sponsor may or may not win a race. But it can join the NASCAR community as a Primary Sponsors of a Charter race team in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series… the most popular motorsports in America; reaching out to the most loyal fan base in sports; and do so with more funds leftover to truly activate its program. That is more than a discount. That is GREAT VALUE!

Now, ask the question, does your company want to be a NASCAR race team Primary Sponsor? Want to do it at a DISCOUNT?


(HardHead Marketing does not claim to represent, nor be affiliated with NASCAR, the speedways, or any of its affiliated companies in any way. We are an independent marketing company working with independent race teams and sponsors that participate in the NASCAR Series). 

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